The good things

In the world, there is a lot of things you can do, but there is the good thing and the bad thing, like helping people the children they lost father and mother or people who lost homes you can do it with fun and make the world better, and the bad things I don’t know anything about it but don’t do it. Follow me on Twitter

Discover my life: at one day

Anouther day, as usual “bored” and wait the people who will never wait for you or me, doesn’t matter we are same, we live in this shit world and have nothing to do, whoever have the money have the power, for sure it’s not me, and i will never be that one, just thinking of this people make me sick……
See you soon 🙂

Happy Friday

Today’s Friday and the weekend is going to get the beast, I’ll try to do something awesome with friends and family, i have been end my highschool last year and i will go to the college next March and between this i will try to make sure i am ready to this in spring, just do what you need to do, make fun and be happy.